Fuel Your Economy

INHDC provides investment and ecosystem development tools to fuel your economies economic growth. For us investment means more than numbers on a spreadsheet. We are about building community and empowering culture.

Partner with us to expand our future growth areas and participate in helping us develop comprehensive strategies in your area. Learn how you can apply to join our advisory board and start a project in your region.

Investing in our World

Investing in Culture and building local communities

Real Estate | Construction Acquisitions

Real Estate & Construction are amongst our core investment strategy verticals and the backbone of economic growth. We are actively acquiring global RE | construction companies to assist in development of strong global economies.

Global Stock Loans

Asia is one of our primary focuses in helping ignite acquisitions through creative funding solutions. Global Stock Loans for public traded companies provides innovative means to help aid our mission.

Transportation | Travel Acquisitions

As we continue to navigate the future right now, transportation is continuously needed to connect our cultures and combine resources even in times of global pandemic.

Let’s Talk

We’d like to learn more about your economic needs and assist with reaching your unique destination through community investment. Schedule a time to develop your project.

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Submit Your Deal

If you are a founder or company executive submit your deal and we will work with you to acquire your company and help develop your exit strategy.